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Welcome to our best-curated collection, here we quickly share our top 6 lists that will help you to find the best earbuds under 5000 rs.

To ease your shopping we shortlist the best-selling product based on customer reviews, sound quality, item availability, and pricing and put them all in one place.

Here’s our ultimate list of the best earbuds under 5000 rs, explore and find which is best for you.

List of Best Earbuds Under 5000 Rs. in India for 2022.

1. Realme Buds Air Pro Earbuds

realme Buds Air Pro earbuds
3.7 out of 5


Realme Buds Air Pro In-Ear Active Noise Cancellation Truly Wireless Earbuds provide awesome sound quality. It comes with Active Noise Cancellation up to 35 dB. It comes with a 1 cm bass boost driver.

The exclusive customized Realme S1 intelligent noise cancellation chip does not only has an efficient and professional noise cancellation capability but also has the advantage of ultra-low power consumption and stable connectivity, giving you an unprecedented new experience of wireless earbuds.

It features Transparency Mode for clear and realistic ambient sound through the microphone, so you can talk freely without taking off your earbuds. With IPX4 water-resistant support, there’s no fear of sweat during sports.

When you get Realme Buds Air Pro Earbuds, you also get an awesome music companion. It comes with a dual microphone for sharp and clear calls.

With Gaming Mode on, the earbud’s latency is as low as 94 ms, whether you’re watching a movie or playing a game, you can keep perfect audio-to-video sync for a smoother experience.

The new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable connection even in the face of multi-device interference. Just open the case to connect automatically to your phone and if connecting for the first time, there is a Google Fast Pair to help you connect easily.

Smart wear detection can detect the wearing condition of the earbuds in real-time. It has voice assistant support.

2. Oppo Enco W31 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds

3.9 out of 5


Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of uninterrupted music by getting the Oppo Enco W31 In-Ear Active Noise Cancellation Truly Wireless Earbuds.

It comes in a lightweight design that is a perfect choice while you travel.

It comes with AAC audio format support. The dual-microphone offers clear sound quality with its Active Noise Cancellation feature.

To quickly pair the earbuds with your smartphones, just tap the button that pops up on your screen. Every time you open the charging case, the connection will be automatically resumed.

The intelligent touch control helps you to activate the voice assistant, change audio mode, and move to the next song. Thus, it offers convenient usage.

With oppo Enco W31 In-Ear Active Noise Cancellation you get to experience the amazing sound quality that it offers. It enhances your music listening experience.

It comes with Binaural Low latency Bluetooth 5.0 transmission support that offers a fast, stable, and smooth connection.

With the Bass mode, get to experience the enhanced bass for a powerful sound. The Balance Mode offers a balanced sound across high, middle, and low frequencies.

It comes with IP54 dust and a water-resistant design, hence your earbuds are protected. Enjoy up to 15 hours of music playback with the charging case, or 3.5 hours without it.

3. CROSSBEATS Torq True Wireless Earbuds


Introducing a flagship audio technology that can change the way you perceive audio quality that has been infused with all the updated technology that an earbud can be infused with.

Feature-touch, in-ear music detection, wireless charging all backed by a fast Qualcomm chipset makes Torq a must-have wireless earbud case for a completely authentic sound experience.

Crafted as being lightweight, the earbud has the latest technology that has an in-ear detection sensor technology. No longer will you need to find your device or touch the earbud to pause/play your music, simply remove one earbud to pause or wear it back to play.

Be it music, movies, or audio calls, the Cross beats TORQ Earbuds have a robust battery of 2000mAH that delivers 12 hours of playtime for the earbuds without the case and a 3-day playtime with the case.

Charging should be doubly convenient as the Cross beats TORQ Earbuds comes with USB Type-C and wireless charging options. The Qualcomm audio gives 3D surround sound effects. Thanks to the in-built equalizers and ti-coated drivers, the audio is raised to a different level.

You can easily perform voice assistance tasks as the earbuds are responsive to Apple and Google voice commands. So you can easily set reminders, calendar schedules, calls, and a lot more with these interactive features.

Unleash your gaming potential, play live with no-lag gaming on Torq’s powerful Qualcomm chipset backed by updated Bluetooth 5.0. Say bye to noise ambient audio. Torq comes with four microphones so your voice is the only thing that’s heard.

With the IPX6 resistance grade, the Torq earbuds are well capable of surviving rains, accidental water splashes, and outdoor dust and particles.

4. Jabra Elite 65T Truly Wireless Earbuds

3.9 out of 5


Jabra Elite 65t In-Ear Truly Wireless Earbuds features a very compact design and give a secure fit in the ear.

Its lightweight makes it portable and enables easy transportation and provides comfortable all-day wear-if you are out for a run, relaxing at the beach, or anywhere.

Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds provide you with clear and enhanced sound. It comes with wind noise protection, ambient noise reduction feature. Equipped with four-microphone technology.

With Jabra Elite 65t In-Ear Truly Wireless Earbuds you also get an awesome music companion. It is IP55 water and dust-resistant.

It provides up to 5 hours of battery life, 15 hours with a charging case. The rapid charge of 15 minutes provides up to 1 hour of battery life.

It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 support. Two devices can be connected at a time. With just the touch of a button, you can be more aware of your surroundings with hear through, which conveniently filters in the sounds that surround you. Comes with Alexa, Siri, And Google Assistant support.

5. JBL C115 TWS Earbuds

3.7 out of 5


Immerse yourself in your world of music with JBL Tune 115TWS In-Ear Truly Wireless Earbuds that offer incredible pure bass sound. It provides you with fabulous sound quality that you can never move on from.

Whether you’re tuned into music or taking calls, you’ve got no cords to hold you back. With up to 21 hours of battery life (6 hours from earbud and 15 hours from the case), you can listen all day and all night and get a top-up with just a 15-minute charge.

Keep your own private concert-going for as long as you can keep up. Designed for long wear, these earbuds come with 3 sizes of ear tips to fit your ear comfortably and ergonomic design ensures the fit is secure and snug.

It comes with an impedance of 14 Ohm. Insta Connect with a superior Bluetooth 5.0 Chip ensures your earbuds connect with your phone in a flash, the instant you take them out of the case. It transmits sound to both earbuds simultaneously, reducing latency to ensure a pleasurable video viewing experience.

The JBL Tune Earbuds price is reasonable as compared to its audio quality. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows operating systems. It makes music and movies more enjoyable and works more impactful.

With JBL Tune Truly Wireless Earbuds you get to experience the ultimate freedom of hands-free calling with its voice assistant support.

You can take and end calls or talk to your voice assistant using just a finger. Dual Connect lets you use either earbud or both, anytime you want, in stereo or mono mode. The power of Dual Connect gives you the choice to seamlessly enjoy music or make calls with ease.

The Autonomous Connectivity with Mono and Stereo mode lets you seamlessly enjoy music or make calls with either one or both buds.

Your favorite artists sound incredible with JBL Pure Bass. And the battery life keeps up with you, as you can keep one earbud charging while using the other one.

JBL’s 75 years of audio engineering expertise enables better material utilization and acoustic room construction for precise tuning. Enabling a 5.8 mm driver to deliver deep and powerful sound quality, giving an authentic audio experience.

The Compact Charging case fits perfectly in your pocket and lets you power up on the go, whether at home, work, on the commute, or at the gym.

6. Noise Buds Solo Truly Wireless Earbuds

3.6 out of 5


Are you an audiophile and interested in listening to rich music? Get the Noise Buds Solo In-Ear Earbuds to wear the whole day and enjoy unlimited music.

In a very busy schedule, you need something that is well molded in the ergonomics area which is why it features a lightweight in-ear design.

The Noise Buds feature a Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology which, with the help of three available microphones, picks up and delivers the perfect audio form, and even your own voice is isolated so that you can be heard quite clearly.

It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 support which enables easy connectivity. Having voice assistant support makes it more efficient.

To experience the true hands-free technology get the Noise Earbuds and enjoy the freedom of wireless nature of the earbuds. The rich audio that is delivered is the wonder created by the 10 mm driver along with the triple microphone setup. It holds a –35 dB noise reduction figure.

These buds are inspired and designed by the luxe aesthetic of India, they behold a classy finish, which makes them your go-to style partner.

It offers a battery life of up to 7 hours on a single charge and an additional 29 hours with the charging case. And you can use them for long periods due to this nature too.

Well, when you are using the noise cancellation mode, the battery may give you very slightly less battery life, but you won’t be bothered about the time, because of the quality of audio delivery.

We hope this ultimate list of top 6 earbuds will help you to find the best sound quality earbuds under the budget of 5,000 Rs. in India.

Comment below which earbuds you like most and which you are planning to purchase from these lists.

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